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Network Hi-Fi Mini System
Premium Audio Technology Meets Compact Design

Stream tracks from online music services relax to an internet radio program or air your digital music collection with the clarity and assurance of a high-end audio component. With wireless-capable ethernet and optional Bluetooth USB adapter you can source music from a preloaded selection of online channels—including Spotify vTuner and Last.fm—or stream from your smart phone PC tablet or iPhone. Then there’s the quality front-loading CD player FM/AM tuner with 40-station preset memory USB port for iPod/iPhone and digital inputs linked to the 192 kHz/24-bit DAC for playback of lossless formats stored on computer. Of course being an Onkyo product you’re assured of outstanding sound quality with a deep and natural bass resonance. Three-Stage Inverted Darlington amplifier technology is sourced directly from the company’s high-end audio components while the symmetrical channel layout and short signal pathways reduce unwanted noise and help to produce a well-separated stereo sound. Solid two-way bookshelf speakers feature N-OMF cones and like the receiver come in a choice of finishes. Controlled via remote app for selected smart phones the CS-N755 integrates your digital life and elevates music to spectacular new heights.

Key Features
Ethernet for Music Streaming Internet Radio and Home Network Audio
Easy Control with Remote Apps for Smart Phone
Top Quality Amplifier for Pure Audio Clarity
Low Noise Technology for Accurate Sound
Phase-Matching Bass Boost System


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