Vibe ALPHA51

Vibe ALPHA51
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The VIBE Alpha 5.1 is a compact and affordable speaker package with fantastic sound quality whilst avoiding the mistakes made by many other products on the market.

The Alpha design is small enough to be discreet but big enough to perform the full sound stage demanded by modern day movies. The design is elegant timeless and sophisticated the system can be worn with grills or without not afraid to show off its speaker make up and technology.

Most compact surround sound systems use small drivers ranging from 3” to 1” and in many cases have no tweeters; all hidden behind fixed grills. These types of speakers are limited in high frequency and low frequency sounds. Having no tweeter means massive limitation compromising music and films by missing out the high detail. Equally using 3” midrange speakers will result in limited bass reproduction this in turn will leave a huge gap between the subwoofer and the speaker producing hiss and boom with little to no midrange detail.

The VIBE Alpha speakers use a more substantial 4” speaker straight away you will notice bass presence from the 5 speakers. Most importantly this 4” speaker is fast concentrating on the upper mid bass sounds giving us sharp tight snap whilst the deep bass and slam is left to the subwoofer. A concentric tweeter and woofer design allows all the sound to originate from a single point in total alignment for a balanced sound with absolute clarity and coherence.

VIBE stands for Vented Innovative Bass Enclosures and we have18 years devoted to subwoofer and enclosure design. The Alpha 10” subwoofer delivers powerful low frequencies with absolute fidelity perfect for giving your living room the intense cinematic atmosphere that makes you feel like you are in the movie.The Alpha subwoofer includes an integrated active amplifier with bass level and frequency level control allowing you to fine tune the subwoofer to perfectly match your system and change the characteristics of the bass output.

The Alpha system is expertly engineered to VIBE high standards. The subtle design is discrete enough to be easily hidden away with ease whilst the attention to detail make up for an elegant display. Extremely versatile the Alpha system can be used in 2.1 5.1 7.1 configurations for any size Home Cinema or HiFi setup. Just add an A/V receiver or Amplifier of you’re choice and you’re on your way!

Alpha 5 Speakers

Alpha 5 speakers use a substantial 4” driver with a concentrically mounted tweeter housed in a finely tuned cabinet for spectacular audio output that can instantly fill any room with a full and rich acoustic atmosphere.
The Alpha 5’s tweeter and woofer are perfectly aligned to create a “point source” meaning all sounds originate from a single point in total alignment for a balanced sound with absolute clarity. Model : Alpha Speakers

Type : Full Range Speaker
Configuration : 2 Way Concentric
Driver Size : 4″ (100mm)
Width : 6.1″ (155mm)
Depth : 6.4″ (162mm)
Height : 6.1″ (155mm)
Freq. Resp : 70 Hz – 18 kHz
RMS Power : 10 Watts
Peak Power : 80 Watts
Impedance : 4 Ohms

Alpha .1 Subwoofer

High power subwoofer The Alpha .1 10” subwoofer is designed and engineered to deliver powerful low frequencies with absolute fidelity. The bass reflex cabinet is perfectly tuned andwith the addition of an integrated amplifier you have 3 perfectly balanced components working in perfect harmony.Model : Alpha .1 Subwoofer

Type : Active Subwoofer
Configuration : Mono
Driver Size : 10″ (250mm)
Width : 19.1″ (300mm)
Depth : 13.4″ (340mm)
Height : 13.4″ (340mm)
Freq. Resp : 40 Hz – 150 Hz
THD : > 0.02%
SNR : > >85 dB
Input Sensitivity : > 0.2v – 5V
RMS Power : > 60 Watts
Peak Power : 180 Watts


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