Samsung MV-800 Black Digital Camera

Samsung MV-800 Black Digital Camera
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MV-800 Black Digital Camera

Looking to take outstanding photos? Then look for the unexpected angles! Presenting the Samsung MV800 with the Flip-out Display the camera that lets you easily capture life in ways you never could before. With the MV800’s wide range of features you can approach the shot from every direction and explore every artistic possibility. Shoot from overhead or from down low — you’ll add a dynamic sense of drama you simply can’t find in a picture taken straight on. Then use the Flip-out Display as a kickstand to prop up the camera and instantly play back your brilliant shots for everybody to enjoy.

The Flip-out Display - Life from all angles
Easily capture your unique perspective. The MV800’s 3.0 Display flips up and down so you can frame shots at any angle without having to twist your body or bend your back. Snap a high-angle shot over a crowd to effortlessly capture a street performance or get waist-level candids of your dog. Take low angle shots without getting on the ground or spin the display all the way around for dazzling self-portraits.The LCD lets you stand the camera so everyone can enjoy from a comfortable position. Life’s more fun when you can cover all the angles.

Stylish design that captures your imagination
Engineered for the style-conscious the MV800 has a slim sleek minimalist form that’s as impressive as its photographic functions. From the bolts to the lens barrel the camera’s striking sensuous front case is uniformly crafted from shimmering metal. All complements by the stunning 3.0 touchscreen.

Elevate your photography with high picture quality
Whether you’re hitting the boutiques with friends or enjoying mocha lattes and conversation at a caf


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