Samsung WIS12ABGNX Wireless LAN Adapter

Samsung WIS12ABGNX Wireless LAN Adapter
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Manufacturer code: WIS12ABGNX/XEC
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Expand the wireless range and signal by connecting the dongle to a Smart TV. The Samsung wireless dongle is the easiest way to connect to not only the internet but also a DLNA-certified multimedia devices. It keeps home entertainment system connected with simple controls and doesn’t require other software. And to increase the wireless range and strengthen the signal connect the dongle to the Smart TV with the included extension cable.

Compatible models:

BD Player: 2009 All Models / 2010 C5 Series / 2011 D53 - D55 / 2012 E5500 ES6300

HES: 2009 All Models / 2010 C5 Series / 2011 D51 - D53 / D5000 - D55 / D7000 / 2012 E4200 4500

LCD TV: 2010 C550 & above / 2011 D530 & above

LED TV: 2011 D5000 / 2012 EH4500 EH5300 EH5400 ES5500 ES5700


Warranty|1 year Dimensions W × D × H|2.7 x 8.4 x 1.6 mm
Weight 20 Kg


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