Samsung PPS59D6900 59 inch Full HD Freeview HD Plasma 3D

Samsung PPS59D6900 59 inch Full HD Freeview HD Plasma 3D
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(3D Glasses not included)

Your Samsung Plasma Smart TV boasts a unique Plasma 1 design that delivers huge impact. The stylish Ultra-slim bezel gives an extra one-inch to the panel size while also reducing the gap between panel and frame and produces a seamless visual experience that is truly mesmerising. Perfect for today’s compact interiors the Plasma profile is also Ultra-slim – packing in loads of amazing Samsung features in 50% less space than standard plasmas. This TV is ideal for modern living delivering high performance in a stylish and easily wall-mounted Plasma 1 design.

Smart Hub
Change what you watch on TV and how you watch it with Samsung’s Smart Hub. Now you can download various Apps to search for TV content while watching live TV stay connected with friends and family.

Search All
Find more TV content. Samsung Search All brings you easy ways to locate shows you want to watch – even while you’re viewing live TV – and helps series 8 7 and 6 owners find related content on the web.

Social TV
Share more with friends and family. Samsung’s Social TV feature lets you blog and chat about the shows you love – through sites and services like Facebook Twitter and Google Talk – while you’re still watching live TV. Please note that Social TV availability depends on the region.

Your Video
Get more from movies. Samsung’s Your Video is a bespoke Video on Demand service recommending movie clips and TV shows that reflect your individual tastes. Its user ratings and concise synopses help inform your choices.
**Video on Demand service is limited to some regions.

Plasma plus 1
Not only is the Samsung Plasma plus 1 TV technology advanced but it also delivers all of these features in a beautifully slim package. To give you a completely immersive viewing experience the Plasma plus 1 bezel design reduces the thickness of the frame to a mere inch. What that also means is that the TV panel size has also increased by an inch.

3D Converter
See more in 3D. Built into your Samsung TV dedicated technology converts 2D movies and shows into 3D making even familiar content more thrillingly immersive than ever before.

Clear Image Panel
Delivering the best picture possible is job one at Samsung. The Samsung’s new TV line up uses a new filter & panel structure to eliminate layered images and produce clear images from almost every angle. This also eliminates the production of dual images and any form of blurring typically found with glass filters.

Bring it all together. AllShare wirelessly connects to compatible devices through DLNA technology so the movies photos and music stored on them can be viewed listened to and shared on your TV.

Connect Share Movie
Tap your digital devices. ConnectShare™ Movie transforms your TV into a home entertainment theatre - simply plug in your USB memory drive or connect your hard disk drive to screen the movies photos and music stored there.

Full HD 1080p
Get closer to reality. Samsung’s full HD Plasma TVs boast twice the resolution of standard HD TVs for richly textured naturalistic pictures that captivate your mind and elevate your viewing experience.

Cinema smooth
Cinema Smooth technology reproduces film cinema video with greatly reduced motion judder exactly as you see in the movie theatre. Combinded with 'Movie Mode' which sets the colour temperature at the same level of cinema projectors you can enjoy the feeling that movie directors.

Digital Noise Filter
Watch crystal-clear analog programming as if it was being broadcasted digitally with Samsung’s Digital Noise Filter. The filter helps to eliminate some of the digital “noise” that are seen on your screen.

Planet First
Be a friend to the planet. Samsung’s new TVs are constructed using more efficient technology fewer components and non-toxic materials so are kinder on the environment.

Wide Colour Enhancer
See the world’s true colours. Samsung’s Wide Colour Enhancer uses an advanced algorithm to drastically improve image quality – even displaying subtle tones and details that less advanced TVs cannot reproduce.

600Hz Subfield motion
Discover unprecedented picture quality. Using the latest subfield motion technology the new Samsung Plasma TVs display images at speeds of up to 600Hz subfield per second for perfectly precise pictures no matter how explosive the on-screen action.

Multiply your media. Four High Definition Multimedia Interface™ (HDMI


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