LG DRT389H DVD recorder

LG DRT389H DVD recorder
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Receive up to 40 digital channels and record 21 hours worth at the touch of a button; LG makes it simple and easy.

Progressive Scan
- All LG Home AV Systems support Progressive Scan technology helping to relieve the eyes from fatigue when viewing over a extended time period.
- Progressive Scan projects all the colours onto the screen instaneously without any break between odd and even scanninglines resulting in a flicker free and high density image. The picture quality is higher than ever with DVFX TrueScan pro.

Super-Mutli DVD Recording & Maximum Playback
- LG’s DVD recorders have the ability to record on DVD-RAM/DVD+RW/DVD-RW/DVD+R/DVD-R/DVD+R Dual layer formats giving you the freedom to choose the format you want.
- With the development of multiple audio and video disc formats it is important to choose a DVD recorder that can play them all. With LG you can.

- True View Pro eliminates random noise inherent in analog video sources by MCTF (Motion-Compensated Temporal Filtering). MCTF an advanced 3D digital video pre-filtering process removes colour breaks and jitters from the original video signals by frame-by frame filtering before thesignals are processed in the main chipset.

Key Features:
- 8 day programme guide
- Super multi DVD recorder - records on all DVD discs
- HDMI 1.3 with 1080P up-scaling
- DV and USB input - for camcorders digital cameras and MP3 players
- Simplink - control with a LG TV remote control
- DVFX - for improved quality in recording and playback
- DivX movie playback
- Optical output - digital audio direct to a home cinema system
- Play back MP3 WMA and JPEG files
- Progressive scan for improved picture quality


Dimensions W × D × H|430 × 245 x 49 mm
Weight 2.26 Kg


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